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Steps of Creating a Dynamic Block Definition

2018-06-08 2365 GstarCAD  

In order to get a Dynamic Block Definition, improve block editing efficiency and avoid repeating modifications, we can create Dynamic Block by the following steps.

Step1: Planning:

Before creating Dynamic Block, it is essential to plan Dynamic Block, plan the functions, appearance, the method of drawing and required Parameter(s) and Action(s) which are needed to achieve prospective functions.

Step2: Draw geometric figure:

The included basic pixel during Dynamic drawing, of course you can draw these pixel in Block Editor.

Step3: Add Parameter and Action:

This is the most pivotal step when creating Dynamic Block. When editing the Parameter and Action, you not only consider the achievement of Parameter and Action, but also consider the readability of Dynamic Block and the convenience of Modification, let the action point of the Parameter attach on the corresponding pixel as far as possible, and put the Action near to its relevant parameter, if there are more Parameters and Actions, they still need to be renamed for understanding, editing and Modification.

Step4: Test Dynamic Block

Save and Exit Block Editor, start the Dynamic Block test to check if it reaches to the prospective effect.

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