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REVCLOUD in GstarCAD 2023

The “Rectangular”, “Polygonal” and “Modify” options are added to the REVCLOUD command, and the number of grips displayed on a rectangular or polygonal revision cloud can be controlled. So, you can create a revision cloud or redefine an existing revision cloud more easily.

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Reset Settings to Default in GstarCAD 2023

The Reset Settings to Default option in Windows Start menu helps reset GstarCAD settings to default much quicker and more easily than doing it manually. You can also choose to back up and reset custom settings.

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Online Help in GstarCAD 2023

Online Help is supported in GstarCAD 2023, by default, the Online Help will be displayed in your default browser. It offers more frequently updated information, better search experience and guaranteed data security.

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Palettes in GstarCAD 2023

Floating palettes and windows in GstarCAD 2023 provide “Anchor left/right”, “Auto-hide” and transparency adjustment options, as well as memorizing the locations and settings of floating palettes and windows.

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ObjectARX API in GstarCAD 2023

GstarCAD 2023 GRX is compatible with AutoCAD ObjectARX 2020 APIs, programs can be successfully compiled, loaded and used without editing code, which saves a lot of time in migrating applications developed with AutoCAD ObjectARX. Also, the APIs are not going to be changed in the next several years, so the applications only need to be migrated once.

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VPSYNC in GstarCAD 2023

With the VPSYNC command, you can synchronize one or more layout viewports to a master layout viewport to have the exact locations matched up. All synchronized viewports use the zoom factor of the master viewport. It’s essential for printing super-long drawings separately or matching up maps precisely.

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The SYSVARMONITOR command monitors a list of system variables and sends notifications when any one of them changes. There are some system variables already in the monitor by default, which you can add or remove in the "Edit System Variable List" dialog box.

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VBA in GstarCAD 2023

The 64Bit Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) has been supported in the GstarCAD 64bit Platform since GstarCAD 2023. You are able to access and use the VBA integrated development environment (VBAIDE) and work with the GstarCAD object model.

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SVG in GstarCAD 2023

In GstarCAD 2023, SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) files are available to be imported and exported.

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NAVICUBE in GstarCAD 2023

A navigation tool is displayed in 2D or 3D model space, which allows switching between standard and isometric views more easily. It consists of a cube, compass and options, which is draggable and clickable, and supports switching to any available preset views, rolling the current view, or setting the current view as the Home view.

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