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This channel provides Gstarsoft videos, in order for you to better use Gstarsoft.

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Easy Selection and snap

Select different kinds of components in 3D FastView fast and easily

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Create Animation video in 3D FastView easily

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Projected Area

Create Projected Areas in 3D FastView easily

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Create Axis Coordinate

Create and Edit Axis Coordinate in 3D FastView easily and efficiently

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Model Attribute Information

Attribute tools in 3D FastView make measurement more comprehensive

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Sectioning 3D Model

Create and adjust Sections in 3D FastView efficiently

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The Section Window

The Section Window in 3D FastView manages the sections efficiently

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GstarCAD Express Tools- Text on Line

Place text with mask along a line is perfect with Text on Line tool!

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Saving Recorded Coordinates

Save Coordinate in 3D FastView easily and fast

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User Interface

Easy-to-use interface enables users to explore 2D/3D CAD files conveniently

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