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Improvement DIMLAYER in GstarCAD 2022

The system variable DIMLAYER specifies a default layer for dimensions, and basic dimensions will be created on that layer automatically instead of creating dimensions on current layer.

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Improvement DIMCENTER in GstarCAD 2022

A new option Polygon(P) has been added to DIMCENTER command, which allows you to mark center of polygons easily.

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Improvement PDF Plot Driver in GstarCAD 2022

When you plot with any options in GstarCAD 2022, the TTF (Truetype fonts) text is output as searchable and editable text with smooth border display, no matter how you set the value of text width factor and oblique angle.

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Improvement Plot with Transparency in GstarCAD 2022

The display after plotting with transparency is much clearer and more accurate, the arcs, circles, ellipses, graphics and text boundaries are smoother. And the drawing information after plotting will not be modified, all kinds of objects can be plotted correctly.

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Improvement DIMREGEN in GstarCAD 2022

The DIMREGEN command allows updating the positions of all associative dimensions in Model space or Layouts. You can use this command to move associative dimensions to correct positions, as well as regenerate dimensions display according to current system variables value.

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Improvement DIMREASSOCIATE in GstarCAD 2022

The DIMREASSOCIATE command allows associating or reassociating selected dimensions to objects or points on objects. When the defining point of selected dimension doesn’t associate with the geometry, the X mark is displayed. When the defining point of the selected dimension associates with the geometry, the ⊠ mark is displayed

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Improvement Stretch Dimension Group in GstarCAD 2022

The “Stretch dimension group” option in the dynamic grip menu allows adjusting all dimensions which share grips with each other at once. As long as the dimension you select shares grips with any other dimensions, you can hover the cursor on any of their grips and stretch together.

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New FASTSEL in GstarCAD 2022

In GstarCAD 2022, the fast select command FASTSEL allows selecting all the objects that touch the selected object, including lines, polylines, circles, arcs, attribute definitions, text, Mtext, ellipses, and images. And FSMODE command controls two different behaviors of the FASTSEL command.

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Innovative DIMTOFFSET in GstarCAD 2022

In GstarCAD 2022, if the space above the arrows is not enough for dimension text when you place the dimension below or right the objects, the text will be placed downward. In this case, you can use two values of the system variable DIMTOFFSET to set two kinds of gap styles between the arrows and text, one is the same as AutoCAD, another reduces the gap.

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Innovative CHANGEBASE in GstarCAD 2022

In GstarCAD 2022, the CHANGEBASE command allows changing the base point position of a block. You can move the base point and keep objects staying in original position, or move objects and keep base point staying in original position.

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