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SVG in GstarCAD 2023

In GstarCAD 2023, SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) files are available to be imported and exported.

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NAVICUBE in GstarCAD 2023

A navigation tool is displayed in 2D or 3D model space, which allows switching between standard and isometric views more easily. It consists of a cube, compass and options, which is draggable and clickable, and supports switching to any available preset views, rolling the current view, or setting the current view as the Home view.

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LOCKUP in GstarCAD 2023

The LOCKUP command supports locking selected objects in a drawing with a password to prevent them from being accidentally modified or deleted. You can execute the UNLOCK command and input the password to unlock them.

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Layout Expand Button in GstarCAD 2023

The Layout Expand Button on the left side of the Layout Tabs can open a layout name list that allows jumping to any existing layout quickly when there are too many layouts in your drawing and some of them are not visible.

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Lisp Debugger in GstarCAD 2023

You can execute the VLISP command to launch the Visual Studio Code as the Lisp Debugger in GstarCAD 2023. The GstarLisp extension adds support for Lisp files to Visual Studio Code, which allows you to edit and debug your lisp programs with GstarCAD conveniently.

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The LAYOUTMERGE command merges specific layouts into a single layout. All layouts or model are available to be picked, and you can specify an existing layout or enter a new name to create a new layout as the destination layout.

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DWF Import in GstarCAD 2023

DWF files can be imported to GstarCAD 2023, and are available for editing after being exploded with EXPLODE or BURST command.

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Digital Signature-SIGVALIDATE in GstarCAD 2023

The SIGVALIDATE command validates the digital signature attached to a drawing file. The Validate Digital Signatures dialog box that shows information about the digital signature is displayed. If an unauthorized change is made or the signed file is corrupted, the digital signature becomes invalid.

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BTABLE in GstarCAD 2023

The BTABLE command stores variations of a dynamic block in the Block Properties Table that includes properties such as legacy parameters and user parameters. Each row in the table defines a different variation of the dynamic block.

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ATTIPEDIT in GstarCAD 2023

The ATTIPEDIT command provides a quick and easy way to edit the textual contents of an attribute of a block when you feel like editing the attribute values without accessing the attribute editor.

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