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How do I save time converting files layers with Layer translator

2018-06-21 4556 GstarCAD  

If you ever have received a set of DWG files from a client and want to clean up the layers according to my drawing standards, how do I do it and not take days or having to write code?

The solution is quite simple, and powerful. Using Layer Translator tool, you can read a specific drawings layers or a DWS (Drawing Standards) file and use them as the target then select the drawings you want to translate layers from to your standard layers and map them.

You can access to Layer Translator from by type in LAYTRANS command or by menu> Format> Layer Tools> Layer Translator.

For example, you can map and translate same layer name as shown below: 

With the layer translator settings, you can setup layer properties to be translated into the assigned layer of your drawing standards that you need.

  • Force Object Color to BYLAYER: Specifies whether or not every object translated takes on the color assigned to its layer.
  • Force Object Linetype to BYLAYER: Specifies whether or not every object translated takes on the linetype assigned to its layer.
  • Translate Objects in Blocks: Specifies whether or not objects nested within blocks are translated.
  • Write Transaction Log: Specifies whether or not a log file detailing the results of translation is created. If this option is selected, a log file is created in the same folder as the translated drawing. The log file is assigned the same name as the translated drawing, with a .log file name extension.
  • Show Layer Contents When Selected: Specifies which layers to display in the drawing area.When you are done you will be promoted to save the mapping data to use again in a .DWS (Drawing Standards) file.

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