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DWG FastView Plus released on 16, July

Date: 2018-07-24 5811 Tag: company  

July 16th, 2018, Gstarsoft, leading supplier of CAD software in China, launched its new product DWG FastView Plus. It has been lauded since the day of its release because of its features including being light in weight and able to open large files in seconds with drawing share tools, advanced measuring and dimensioning tools.

 As a CAD software developer with more than 25 years’ experience in innovating CAD technologies, Gstarsoft has  developed many successful products such as GstarCAD 2018, this time we are proud to release our new product DWG FastView Plus on 16th, July  after days and nights’ hard work on it to ensure the best user experience. However, DWG FastView Plus is more than just a viewer, it has many unique features that set it apart from other software of this kind.

Fast View

Being light in weight, DWG FastView Plus is, however, quick to respond to large drawing files. You can start the software within only a few seconds and open large construction drawings with ease. Generally speaking, not everyone in the company needs to know how to draw, therefore, not everyone in the company needs to be equipped with CAD software, most of the time, DWG viewer can perfectly meet their needs, since DWG FastView Plus is lightweight and can open large files in seconds, which is one of its important features.

                                                 Picture 1 familiar interface without learning cost

Enhance Collaboration

It can also enhance collaboration within the group with tools such as advanced measurement and dimensioning tools, they are added to the software to help users better communicate with each other, save time and improve efficiency.

Secure Drawing Share

When speaking of sharing drawings, many users don’t give credence to drawing share tools embedded in the DWG Viewer, because they fear that other people might have easy access to their hard-earned drawings. With DWG FastView Plus, there is no need to be worried, we provide you with secure drawing share tools, you can share your drawings with your partners anytime and anywhere.


Many CAD users are looking for AutoCAD alternatives after AutoCAD changed its licensing policy, these users turn to DWG FastView Plus for familiar interface which saves them time and energy to learn to use  new software. Companies faced with this problem can definitely count on DWG FastView Plus.

Convenient and simple

Many users complete their tasks mainly through viewing and comparing drawings, so CAD software with full CAD features can be too much, most of the tools are not needed any more when users are in a factory or on construction site, DWG FastView Plus would perfectly meet their needs, what’s more, they can use Drawing Compare tools to highlight differences between drawings.

                                              picture 2 Work with DWG FastView Plus anytime and anywhere

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