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2018 GstarCAD Regional Forum held in Korea

Date: 2018-05-28 5380 Tag: Company  

<2018 GstarCAD Regional Forum was held in Seoul, Korea, during the forum, Gstarsoft’s featured products, product strategies were introduced by our 10-years’ partner in South Korea Modoo Solution.>

Picture 1 The forum was successfully held in Seoul, Korea

About the forum

On May 23, the news that “the 2018 GstarCAD regional forum in Korea will be held at Conrad Hotel in Seoul” was announced and our aim of the forum is to bring together GstarCAD distributors in Korea to share experience and improve communication, thus better fulfilling GstarCAD users’ needs.

Our long-term partner Modoo Solution

Modoo Solution is one of our dedicated partners in Korea and it has been promoting GstarCAD products for 10 years.

With this long-term partner, our Korean users have better insights into our products as well as our service. In addition, the course of the products development and development plan had been highlighted at the forum, which explains why GstarCAD gained rapid growth in the past few years.

Picture 2 Our key personnel makes presentation at the forum

Forum participants

Our software developers and vice president Meiyu Huang who is responsible for overseas sales, Sales Director William Wang, key personnel in Korea Yolanda Wang and technical director Harry attended the forum, the forum also attracted many participants including over 30 company representatives. During the forum, we presented product strategies, analyzed CAD trends in 2017, and business opportunities for the next 5 years, which were highly though of by industry insiders.

Our vision

Like our old partner remarked when the forum came to a successful conclusion, for the past years, we have dedicated ourselves to improving product quality and providing premium service. We will continue to do this. For us to gain higher reputation and more recognition, we will make greater efforts to rank top of the most influential products in the country. Thank all the representatives again for attending this conference and please expect to our upcoming products.

More about GstarCAD in Korea:


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