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GstarCAD Mechanical 2022 is released

Date: 2022-04-02 4598 Tag: Company  

We’re glad to announce that GstarCAD Mechanical 2022 has been released.

GstarCAD Mechanical 2022 is designed to automate your design tasks and cover all fields of mechanical design with industry-specific tools and comprehensive libraries of standards-based parts and symbols.

Higher Compatibility 

GstarCAD Mechanical 2022 is highly compatible with ACM, making it easy to read and display the complete underlying data of ACM drawings accurately, and vice versa. So users can save and edit ACM drawings very conveniently. 

Enjoy automated design process 

GstarCAD Mechanical 2022 provides international drafting standards such as ANSI/BSI/CSN/DIN/GB/GOST/ISO/JIS that can be very customizable and help engineers to meet various design requirements.

Take Dimensioning to the next level  

Professional Dimensioning tools in GstarCAD Mechanical 2022 are greatly enhanced and some useful new features are also added to help users deal with dimensions with greater accuracy and efficiency.

Accurate Data Management: BOM Data, Balloon and List  

The BOM displays component parts features and coordinates all data information of component parts and control changes of global. The balloon and list functions are associated with mechanical parts and get updated when changes in parts information are detected.

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