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2024 GstarCAD South Korean Partner Conference: A Resounding Success

Date: 2024-03-14 1481 Tag:

On March 13, 2024, Modoo Solution, the exclusive partner of Gstarsoft in South Korea, successfully hosted the “2024 GstarCAD Partner Conference”. The event took place at the prestigious Fairmont Ambassador Seoul Hotel, with representatives from approximately 100 partner companies nationwide in attendance.

Mr. Chunggu Jung, the CEO of Modoo Solution, addressed the media at a press conference preceding the event. He stated, “GstarCAD has traditionally found its market among mid-sized companies. However, since its introduction by Hyundai Motor, we have seen an increasing number of large companies opting for GstarCAD.” He outlined this year’s marketing strategy, which involves expanding the market by bolstering the third-party application ecosystem. During the conference, Mr. Chunggu Jung expressed his heartfelt gratitude to the partners who have significantly contributed to GstarCAD’s growth. He emphasized, “We will continue to grow in unison with our partners and evolve into a company that can make meaningful contributions to society.”

Mr. Xiang Lu, the CEO of Gstarsoft, expressed his delight at the opportunity to meet and interact personally with numerous partners in South Korea. He added, “Following Gstarsoft’s listing on the Shanghai Stock Exchange last year, we are committed to intensifying our research and development efforts, enhancing our marketing strategies, and broadening our product portfolio to better serve our South Korean customers.”

At the Partner Conference, Modoo Solution and Gstarsoft shared their Common Vision, Business, and Product Strategy with the South Korean partners. Both Modoo Solution and Gstarsoft forecasted that GstarCAD will maintain its market competitiveness in terms of quality, performance, compatibility, APIs, and the introduction of new products and services.

Modoo Solution and Gstarsoft initiated their cooperation in 2008. Over the past 15 years, the South Korean market has seen a compound growth rate exceeding 40%, a truly remarkable achievement. This trend indicates that Gstarsoft’s products are gaining increasing recognition among South Korean customers. Modoo Solution and Gstarsoft plan to collaborate more closely in the future to provide South Korean customers with an even wider range of superior products and services.


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