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Business Software Directory Recognizes DWG FastView Plus with 2 Prestigious Titles for CAD Software

Date: 2018-08-23 4356 Tag: company  

Our newly-released software DWG FastView Plus has earned 2018 Great User Experience and Rising Star Awards from FinancesOnline, a leading SaaS review platform whose reviews are prepared by a team of experts in order to develop comprehensive and unbiased overviews. Their review of DWG FastView Plus under the top CAD software category has proven that our efforts and hard work were rewarding.

Considered as one of the top 100 SaaS software 2018, DWG FastView Plus was deconstructed by FinancesOnline’s experts. Factors that were taken into account when reviewing it were:

•Fast File Viewing

DWG FastView Plus is a lightweight application though it is replete with advanced features. Users can expect to see their file contents immediately when opening DWG and DXF files.

•Improved Collaboration

With DWG FastView Plus, users can better communicate the ideas they envision with their teammates as well as with their clients.

•Encrypted Sharing

DWG FastView Plus fully understand users’ need to protect their business interests, which is why it gives its users the capability to encrypt drawing and share them without worries.

On top of the benefits mentioned above, FinancesOnline also lauded several other DWG FastView Plus features:

• Familiarity and Cost-Effectiveness

DWG FastView Plus only requires an affordable, one-time fee. On top of that, its interface is familiar to AutoCAD users, thus companies need not hold training sessions.

•Drawing Comparisons

By comparing drawings, users can easily find highlighted differences between drawings, which is especially useful when they are on construction sites.

We would like to extend our sincere appreciation to FinancesOnline for recognizing our hard work and we hope our users enjoy using our product.

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