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3D Model Import & Export in GstarCAD 2025

On the basis of IFC Import, now you can export IFC files and import RVT files with full BIM data The STEP/IGES module is now included in GstarCAD installer, you don't need to install it separately.

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Parametric Constraints in GstarCAD 2025

GstarCAD 2025 introduces Parametric Constraints, focusing exclusively on geometric constraints this year. Geometric constraints manage how objects relate to others, enabling automatic adjustments to other objects when changes are made, ensuring design precision and efficiency.

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DIM in GstarCAD 2025

Hover over objects to automatically create various types of dimensions with a single command

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Break at Point in GstarCAD 2025

BREAKATPOINT command allows you to break the selected object into two objects at a specified point, without the need to specify a second point and create a gap like the BREAK command does.

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Application Manager in GstarCAD 2025

Application Manager is a unified system for plugin management. Users can search, enable/disable, and view details of modular applications within the Application Manager, achieving the most suitable service configuration with minimal resource utilization.

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API in GstarCAD 2025

GstarCAD offers robust APIs for developers to migrate or build applications on GstarCAD. This year, in addition to the continuous improvement of integrity and compatibility of GRX, .NET and LISP interfaces, GstarCAD 2025 now supports Python, offering over 790 commonly-used python interfaces, thus empowering more robust customization and automation.

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DWGUNITS in GstarCAD 2025

Different projects or application scenarios may require different units. For example, architectural design might use meters, while mechanical design might use inches. In GstarCAD 2025, the newly added DWGUNITS command allows you to change the units of drawings to meet the standard size and annotation requirements of the drawing and avoid errors due to using different units.

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Voice Annotation in GstarCAD 2025

You can now add voice annotations to drawings in GstarCAD 2025, enhancing clarity. Through the Voice Manager panel, you can easily create, record, play, and manage voice annotations.

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3D Mouse Device Adaption in GstarCAD 2025

The SpaceMouse and CadMouse from 3Dconnexion are now supported on GstarCAD 2025. You can manipulate 2D views and 3D perspectives using the controller's joystick, switch views and execute commands using the mouse’s shortcut keys, and you can also customize the mouse button configurations within the driver software for these devices.

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Innovative Tools in GstarCAD 2025

Drafting Process with GstarCAD’s Powerful Innovative Tools

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