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Knowing more about actions in dynamic block editor

2018-06-12 587 GstarCAD  

Actions define how the geometry of a dynamic block reference will move or change when the custom properties of the block reference are manipulated in a drawing.

Move: Move action causes objects to move a specified distance and angle such as a point, a linear, a polar, an XY parameter, etc, moves all objects in a selection set in a/any direction.

Scale: Scale action such as a linear, a polar, an XY parameter, and so on, scales the selected objects in the direction of the parameter. Users can manipulate the grips in different way by changing the properties and values in the Properties palette.

Stretch: Stretch action causes objects to move and stretch a specified distance in a specified location. A stretch action associated with a point, a linear, a polar, an XY parameter, etc. 

Polar Stretch: Polar stretch action rotates, moves, and stretches objects a specified angle and distance when the key point on the associated polar parameter is changed through a grip or the Properties palette. A polar stretch action can only be applied to a polar parameter.

Rotate: Rotate action is always associated with a rotate parameter. Selected objects can be rotated freely, or the way the grips are manipulated is different in the Properties palette. 

Flip: Flip action is always associated with a flip parameter. 

Array: Array action is associated with a linear, a polar, an XY parameter, etc, copies and arrays selected objects in different way. 

Lookup: Lookup action can only be associated with a lookup parameter. 

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