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SPCAD for GstarCAD has been released

Date: 2023-08-30 2764 Tag:

We’re glad to announce that SPCAD for GstarCAD has been released! SPCAD is an add-on for GstarCAD users working in a wide variety of industries to smooth the general workflows of CAD designs.

Users of SPCAD for GstarCAD will gain a tremendous amount of advantages by accessing more than 100 industry-specific tools in SPCAD and the latest technology from GstarCAD. 

Automate your workflow

Equipped with more than 100 tools, SPCAD promises comprehensive and ideal solutions that automate your tasks without compromising quality and accuracy.

Do more with less

From assigning a coordinates system to your drawing to importing/exporting geospatial files, to performing topographic analysis and creating maps and cadaster plans, you can now run spatial analysis without switching to different software.

Finish your project in less time

Specially developed to help run geospatial analysis, SPCAD is equipped with essential tools to make CAD design workflows quick, efficient, and convenient. 


Explore more and find what you need

To explore more details on SPCAD for GstarCAD, please visit


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