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GstarCAD 2024 has been released

Date: 2023-09-03 2772 Tag:

Were glad to announce the official release of GstarCAD 2024. The new release contains new features and enhanced functions that improve efficiency and give users an optimal drawing experience.

Better Performance and enhanced tools 

With the newest features and enhanced functions come higher compatibility, improved performance, and stability, GstarCAD 2024 gives users a better user experience and streamlined workflow.

Enhancements that take your design to the next level 

Dynamic Input

Dynamic Input system is upgraded in GstarCAD 2024 by adding Dimension Input, vertical Dynamic Prompts list, and separating Pointer Input boxes to provide an easier-to-use experience for design professionals and improve design efficiency.

Enhanced APIs

GstarCAD offers robust APIs for developers to migrate and build applications on GstarCAD, including GRX, .NET, VBA, LISP, and COM. Developers will experience higher compatibility and better software development efficiency. 

What’s new in GstarCAD 2024? 


* Easily import STEP/IGES Files

GstarCAD 2024 brings enhanced functions to the mechanical and architecture industries by supporting STEP and IGES files, which allows 3D CAD data to be exchanged conveniently between different software platforms.

New Viewports features

* Edit and adjust the viewport faster and easier

You can add, merge, and adjust viewports by simply holding and dragging the border of viewports with your mouse cursor, making it easier to use. 

* Maximize or minimize viewports with VPMAX/VPMIN

VPMAX allows you to expand the current layout viewports and switch to Model Space for editing without worrying about messing up viewportsscales and limits. VPMIN allows you to restore the current layout viewport. 

Try for free 

To explore more newest features and enhancements in GstarCAD 2024, download a free trial of GstarCAD 2024 here!

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