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the 2nd CAD Design Competition held in South Korea

Date: 2021-09-13 3763 Tag: Company  

The 2nd Electronics Times CAD design competition was held online. This successful competition was held by South Koreas largest information technology news provider Electronics Times and our Korean partner Modoo Solution.

Congratulations to the winners

The participants of this competition are university students majoring in mechanical design in South Korea. We pay our respects to all the participants for their hard work and congratulations to the winners.

What the participants say about GstarCAD

As the software officially used in the competition, GstarCAD not only helps every participant design better but also ensures the smooth running of the event. The participants are those who uses CAD software a lot, lets see what they say about GstarCAD.


* Bae Jun-ho, who participates for the second time

* Excellence Awards winner: Hong Soon-gi from Korea Polytechnics


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