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SPCAD for GstarCAD 2024 is available

Date: 2024-03-20 1827 Tag:

We are delighted to announce the release of the latest version of SPCAD for GstarCAD, now available for both version 2023 and version 2024. 

SPCAD is a specialized CAD plugin that runs smoothly on GstarCAD, providing terrain analysis, land development, and cartographic functionalities. This latest update incorporates a host of powerful tools, including the highly anticipated Bing Map tool, designed to elevate the design process and streamline workflow.

What's new?

The Bing Maps tool, meticulously integrated into the SPCAD for GstarCAD application, allows direct access to high-resolution Bing satellite images within the GstarCAD environment. With this new feature, you can seamlessly incorporate real-world context into projects, enhancing the visualization and accuracy of your designs. Additionally, other essential tools have been included to provide a comprehensive and efficient user experience.

Furthermore, the new version now includes the OSGB36 coordinate system in the database, tested rigorously to ensure smooth and precise transformations.

Explore more features

There are many key features in SPCAD for GstarCAD. For example, the QR Code feature allows users to insert location-based QR codes in drawing and scanning with camera can instantly navigates to Google Maps. The powerful Surface Analysis helps users effortlessly analyze surfaces.  Other features and tools such as Atlas, Cadaster, etc. also optimize efficiency and take designs to the next level, please feel free to explore more and enjoy the efficiency they bring. 


Download and try

The latest version of SPCAD for GstarCAD is available both in English and Spanish, please feel free to download the software and experience enhanced features and tools to streamline your workflow


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