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GstarCAD 2024 for Linux is available

Date: 2024-05-11 520 Tag:

Good News for Linux users! GstarCAD 2024 for Linux is available and is compatible with Ubuntu, Debian, and Astra Linux systems, supporting AMD 64 CPUs.

   What to know about GstarCAD for Linux 

The Linux version of GstarCAD is built on the same core as the Windows version, ensuring a seamless experience with comprehensive features and a user interface. Like always, GstarCAD for Linux also excels in performance, compatibility, and innovation. Besides, it offers flexible licensing options, making it a top choice for CAD (computer-aided design) software on the Linux platforms.

Excellent Compatibility

GstarCAD 2024 for Linux maintains a familiar interface and operational habits, covering about 85% of all commands found in the Windows version. The upcoming GstarCAD 2025 for Linux is set to expand this further, covering over 90% of all Windows features.

Additionally, it supports a wide range of file formats, ensuring a quick transition and a seamless design experience on Linux.  

Superior Performance

With advanced technology and optimized algorithms, GstarCAD for Linux ensures you faster processing speed. Our efficient multi-core processing provides smoother handling of complex drawings, reducing lag and enhancing user experience.

Robust APIs

GstarCAD for Linux fully supports secondary development in the Linux environment, maintaining a high degree of unity with the Windows version. It offers comprehensive and highly compatible secondary development interfaces for Python, .NET, LISP, GRX, and more, facilitating seamless cross-platform development.

Flexible Licensing

GstarCAD 2024 for Linux provides flexible licensing, users can buy perpetual licenses or yearly subscriptions. Buyers are free to choose the license type and decide when to upgrade.

Download free-trial and explore more

The software has a 30-day free trial, please feel free to download and try


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