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Service Pack 1 for GstarCAD 2022 Released

Date: 2022-03-04 7019 Tag: Company  

SP1 for GstarCAD 2022 has officially been released and is now available for download.

The new release includes new features, key customer-requested enhancements, performance improvements, and plotting improvements.

What's new ? 


Lisp Debugger-- good news for developers and lisp-writers

Based on Visual Studio Code from Microsoft®, Lisp Debugger is a useful tool for lisp-writers and developers to check, modify and debug their codes easily and efficiently. 

Linesmoothing -- Enhanced graphics display

The system variable LINESMOOTHING helps improve the display quality of jagged 2D objects. Edges of lines and curved lines are displayed more smoothly when the value is set to 1. 

Autofill your table cells within seconds 

The Autofill function in GstarCAD 2022 SP1 lets you automatically fill data in adjacent table cells, increasing the working efficiency and saving time.

Enhanced features you can't miss

Hidden Shade Plot-- high-quality display and speed

With system variable DISPSILH, the new release has better display of silhouette edges of 3D solid and surface objects in the Wireframe or 2D Wireframe visual styles when using hidden shade plot. 

Enhanced fading effect of locked layers

In the new release, objects on locked layers have fading effect good enough to contrast them with objects on unlocked layers and provide reduced visual complexity of drawings.

Better performance -- less time in opening and saving drawings

The speed of opening and saving drawings has increased, especially for large drawings with a lot of empty groups.

Enhanced Quick Properties

The Quick Properties palette is customizable to include the properties you want to see or edit.

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