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Gstarsoft successfully held 2018 GstarCAD Global Partner Symposium

Date: 2018-09-20 3899 Tag: Company  

SUZHOU, China -- Gstarsoft, the world’s leading suppliers of innovative CAD solutions, has successfully held the 5th GstarCAD Global Partner Symposium in Suzhou, China with the launch of GstarCAD 2019 released during the symposium.


GstarCAD 2019


Starting from September 10th, the successful 2-day symposium attracted over 200 people from more than 30 countries. During the symposium, GstarCAD 2019 featuring Collaborative Design and BIM was unveiled and well presented to the global partners and industry experts.


Collaborative Design of GstarCAD 2019 caters to the current trend and it is the most talked-about features. The creative DWG-based collaborative platform enables cross-department and cross-team collaboration, allowing designers/draftsmen to work together more efficiently on projects and significantly reducing the design error and cost. Meanwhile, based on new technologies like data incremental storage and transmission, Collaborative Design of GstarCAD 2019 is also implemented as a drawing version management system, making it very easy to trace and return to any previous version and locate design changes by one click, and ensuring design quality and overall accuracy of specific projects.


Another highlight of GstarCAD 2019 is the support of IFC data format. Through support of data import and export, big and complex BIM models can be imported and handled in GstarCAD 2019 and GstarCAD Architecture 2019 now.  


To try GstarCAD 2019, please visit the download site:


What Gstarsoft offers


Founded in 1992, with more than 25 years of experience in CAD business, Gstarsoft has gained a large number of users and global partners through quality products and premium service. The worldwide distribution networks covers over 50 countries and most partners have more than 10 years cooperation with Gstarsoft. With 4 R&D centers and over 150 software development professionals, Gstarsoft keeps devoting to streamlining the design procedures and revolutionizing design industry by providing more innovative CAD solutions with new technologies in the fast changing market.


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