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ARTISAN for GstarCAD: The photo-realistic and easy-to-use Render

Date: 2017-08-13 3677 Tag: Company  

ARTISAN is the perfect rendering solution for busy designers who want to easily create images to speed up the design and decision-making process. A wide range of pre-set Materials and Lighting Setups plus the ability to create your own realistic Materials make ARTISAN a pleasure to use. 

With ARTISAN+GstarCAD, you can: 

1.Easily create high-quality images of your model:

No need to become a rendering 'expert'. Create images without needing to learn the complex parameters required by some other products.

2.Capture your ideas as ARTISAN SnapShots:

Save your finished design ideas in a 'SnapShot' or use them for convenient 'work-in-progress' points.

3.Produce more images in less time with ARTISAN Network:

Use any other machines on your network by sharing out the rendering work.

Download ARTISAN for GstarCAD. 


With only 3 steps, you can render your models:


1.Select your Materials, Background and Lighting Scheme:

Drag, drop and edit the components that will make your scene come alive. Materials are fundamental to creating a good image and ARTISAN comes with a wide range as well as the building blocks for you to easily create and share your own Material archives. We're adding to the list continually and will begin sharing new archives via our web-site and other forums.


2.Explore your model with real-time navigation:

Explore your model as you've never seen it before with ARTISAN's real-time navigation. Intuitive real-time navigation modes allow you to move around and inside your model. Materials, Backgrounds and Lighting Schemes, including interactive positioning of the sun, all allow you to set up the scene exactly as you want to.


3.. . .and you're ready to go!

It's that simple.ARTISAN has been designed to be very easy-to-use and you will find that you are up and running immediately after installing the software.


Not ready to buy yet? No problem ARTISAN will run in 'Trial' mode with no time limit and just a watermark over the rendered images, which is removed of course as soon as you activate the product.


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