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This channel provides Gstarsoft videos, in order for you to better use Gstarsoft.

Adding Models

Add models in 3D FastView to see assembly part fitting

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GstarCAD Express Tools- Block to Xref and Relocate

Work efficiently with Xref tools to update drawing objects!

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The properties Window

The Properties Window in 3D FastView can view the properties comprehensively

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Basic User Interaction

Any user interacts easier and faster by using 3D FastView

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Advanced Measurement

Distance and Angle tools in 3D FastView enhances the Measurement

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Show and Hide Elements

Show and hide elements by 3D FastView in different ways

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GstarCAD Express Tools- Setup a Layout Viewport on Model Space

More #CADfunctions_ExpressTools in GstarCAD2020. M2LVPORT is the real option to setup a layout viewport from model space.

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3D Files Support

Use 3D FastView for viewing 3D files efficiently

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GstarCAD Express Tools- Symmetric Draw

More #CADfunctions_ExpressTools in GstarCAD2020. In this video, SYMETRIC DRAW help you drawing much easier when you create symmetrical objects without using mirror command.

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GstarCAD Express Tools- QRcode

More #CADfunctions_ExpressTools in GstarCAD2020. In some cases, users can access extra drawing info without having a PC or laptop and direct browse stored information using QRcode in GstarCAD, meanwhile a mobile phone or a QRcode reader app will help you easily to browse your dwg. file.

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