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Spatial Manager for GstarCAD is available

Date: 2020-07-30 3739 Tag:

We are pleased to inform all GstarCAD users of the release of “Spatial Manager for GstarCAD”.

“Spatial Manager for GstarCAD” is a lightweight yet powerful GstarCAD plug-in designed for GstarCAD users. It runs inside GstarCAD and helps GstarCAD users import, export, manage and enhance their spatial data in a simple, fast and inexpensive way.

A closer look at the ribbon and commands

The ribbon and commands are intuitive and task-based, therefore accessing them is easy and quick.

Powerful Import & Export

One of the basic needs of GstarCAD users is to handle geospatial information, luckily, Spatial Manager for GstarCAD has made it easy and productive to import from and export to a large number of geospatial data sources, batch import and save structured tasks for repetitive importing processes.

Dynamic background maps technology

With this technology, users can not only use application preset and user defined maps, but also capture high-resolution static map images as raster or OLE objects.

Interactive and synchronized Data Grid

The powerful data grid allows users to review objects data, sort or export them

Explore other features

Spatial Manager for GstarCAD will take your design to the next level with its other important features such as smart search window, etc. We invite you to explore more by watching the video and try it first !

Check the video to get the preview of the application:

Download is available, enjoy the benefits and latest features now ! 


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