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New Release of GstarCAD Mechanical 2019

Date: 2019-09-24 2200 Tag:

What is GstarCAD Mechanical?

* GstarCAD + Mechanical CAD application tool

GstarCAD Mechanical includes all the functionality of GstarCAD, plus professional tools to help designers and drafters to accelerate their design works.

* Full data compatibility with ACM

GstarCAD Mechanical 2019 is fully compatible with ACM and users can easily open, edit and save ACM drawings with it.

* Intelligent functionality, simple design

GstarCAD Mechanical 2019 has made design and drafting as simple as possible with more than 100 easy-to-use and practical designing and drawing tools, plus a standardized and user-friendly design environment to free our users from repetitive work. 

* Customizable software configuration

Users can customize standards, mechanical symbols, dimensions, features and so on to build own drawing templates, automate common mechanical drawing tasks to meet the various needs.


Various industries to apply the software

GstarCAD Mechanical 2019 can be found useful in big and small manufacturing companies in a wide variety of industries such as engineering firms, electro-mechanical companies and contract firms.


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