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DWG FastView -- The Viewer Chosen by Large Construction Companies

Date: 2019-12-18 2628 Tag:

Available in PC, web and mobile versions, DWG FastView has been trusted by large construction companies in an attempt to strengthen field monitoring, improve working efficiency and even improve working conditions. After one of the leading construction companies SK E&C has introduced DWG FastView mobile to manage construction projects in real-time in late 2018, another construction giant in South Korea Hyundai E&C has also adopted this versatile app.


On-site drawing management ---- View, Edit & Share Anytime Anywhere

One of the big highlights of DWG FastView is the CAD drawing management. With DWG FastView, users can not only quickly and accurately open, view, share and synchronize drawing files but also add various markups such as lines, shapes and photos to the drawings.

Another reason that make DWG FastView stand out from other similar software is its folder structure that allows on-site users to manage drawing intuitively and conveniently, as shown in the following picture,

No CAD program nor internet connection on construction site

DWG FastView has all the functions that on-site construction and manufacturing teams need to open, edit and share drawings and it has been the core of mobile construction management system built by SK E&C and Hyundai E&C. Work with DWG FastView is to work more flexibly and reliably. Many tasks conducted on construction site can be perfectly performed by DWG FastView for mobile devices and PC, therefore there is no need to bring a CAD program on construction site.

Another big headache is that there is usually no internet connection on construction site, but with DWG FastView, you can still view, edit and check your opened drawing without internet connection.

Customization based on DWG FastView

To meet different needs such as data security, we also provide bespoke services and customization based on DWG FastView for corporate users. A good example of this is Hangil IT, who was in charge of SK E&C and Hyundai E&C’s mobile management system for construction project, has based the drawing data infrastructure, security-related functions, and customization on DWG FastView. If you have similar or other bespoke requests, send us an email at


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