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GstarCAD Network License Dashboard --- View, Analyze and Manage your network licenses

Date: 2020-09-02 5604 Tag:

GstarCAD Network License Dashboard is a free tool used to view, analyze and manager your network licenses in one dashboard.


All-in-one dashboard


After very simple and basic setting of the tool, you will get all the key information about your network licenses in real time and in a single dashboard.

The GstarCAD Network License Dashboard shows the current usage of licenses in details such as the User, Product, Start Time, Used Time, etc.

Visualize your licenses and know your next step


The Dashboard also organizes the license usage information in a visualized chart, which tells you if you are making the most out of the licenses.

The GstarCAD Network License Dashboard not only gives you a better understanding of your current license usage but also helps you when making purchasing decisions or upgrading them in the future:

Do I need more Mechanical licenses ?

Is it better to keep those licenses ?


For companies that are using network license to optimize the number of necessary licenses and optimally use them on many workstations, GstarCAD Network License Dashboard will take your license management to the next level !


Download is available now


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