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Houseplan Support

This channel provides Houseplan guide files, 3D model and texture resources and videos,in order for you to better use Houseplan.

Installation & Activation

Houseplan Activation and License Return - Houseplan

This Activation and License Renturn Guide provides information to help you activate Houseplan.

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Houseplan Installation Guide - Houseplan

This guide provides you with information to help you install Houseplan.

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Houseplan Overview

Houseplan is a powerful, easy-to-learn, lightweight and compatible 3D modeling and real-time rendering ...

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Houseplan Tutorials - Quickly Model and Render a villa

This video shows how to quickly model and render a house with Houseplan.

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User Guide

Houseplan Q&A Document - Houseplan

This Q&A document collects the queries and answers of the Houseplan from our users.

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Houseplan Operation Guide - Houseplan

This User Guide provides information of all Houseplan features and how to use them.

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3D Models - Houseplan

A large number of 3D model resources are available to be downloaded here, including cars, bridges .ect.

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Textures - Houseplan

A large number of texture resources are available to be downloaded here, including ground, wood.ect..

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