GstarCAD Support

This channel provides GstarCAD guide files and videos, in order for you to better use GstarCAD.

Installation & Activation

GstarCAD 2022 Network License Manager Guide

This Network Licensing Guide provides information to help you activate GstarCAD 2022 network license.

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GstarCAD 2021 USB Dongle Guide

This Dongle Licensing Guide provides information to help you activate GstarCAD 2022 Dongle license.

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GstarCAD 2022 Overview

In GstarCAD 2022, the plot functionalities are significantly improved, making plotting effects more precise and accurate. An upgraded raster engine has been integrated and enables more image formats, even 1 billion pixels images can be correctly attached, previewed, modified and plotted. Beyond, GstarCAD 2022 offers a plethora of other new and improved tools to help maximize your productivity.

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Improvement Hidden shade plot in GstarCAD 2022

The display after hidden shade plotting is significantly improved, which is much more accurate and clearer than before. And the lines, polylines, arcs, circles, ellipses and other objects after hidden shade plotting now have smoother boundaries.

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Improvement Raster Images Plot in GstarCAD 2022

Large raster images in different sizes and formats can be previewed and plotted smoothly, in GstarCAD 2022, you are able to plot even 1 billion pixels images.

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Improvement Multi-Line Trimming in GstarCAD 2022

In GstarCAD 2022, the Multi-Line objects can be easily trimmed or extended by various objects like lines, polylines, circles, arcs, ellipses, splines, etc. And after selecting the boundaries, you can move the cursor on the Multi-Line and preview which part will be trimmed or extended.

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User Guide

GstarCAD 2022 User Guide

This User Guide provides information of all GstarCAD 2022 features and how to use them, it helps you to fully exploit GstarCAD 2022.

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