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DWG FastView is cross-platform DWG Viewer and Editor, there are three of them: DWG FastView for Web, DWG FastView for Mobile and DWG FastView for Windows.

The three are interconnected with one single account. With one account, you have access to the project drawing files stored in the cloud from your browser, mobile devices, and your computer anytime and anywhere. DWG FastViewis fully compatible with AutoCAD and gives you full control of your drawing files with security, ease, and convenience.

DWG FastView for Web is powerful DWG Viewer and Editor based on web browsers. It enables you to open your large CAD drawings within all major browsers while no installation or upgrade is ever needed. You can not only view drawings online but also share and print your CAD drawings.

DWG FastView for Mobile is designed for those who are on the go most of the time. No need to bring your computer or laptop everywhere you go, install the software on any mobile devices supporting Android or IOS will meet your needs. Users can view, edit, and annotate CAD files on mobile devices. Every time a great idea occurs to you, you can always share it anytime anywhere. Various CAD functions in it ensure you the best mobile CAD experience and now with over 20,000,000 downloads in total, it ranks top among other DWG Viewers.

DWG FastView for Windows is for users who pursue the most professional and best CAD experience. It runs perfectly on the Windows system with quick response to large drawings, stable performance even when opening large files. Compared with large CAD software, DWG FastView is light to install and easy to use with many powerful CAD functions such as precise display and external reference.

With many years of experience of developing DWG FastView application and advanced ideas on improving DWG Viewer technology, Gstarsoft launched DWG FastView Plus in July 2018. DWG FastView Plus runs on windows 10/8.1/8/7/Vista/XP. It is not only lightweight and fast to opening large files in seconds but also easy-to-use without learning costs. Advanced measurement and dimensioning tools are added to enhance team communication and data exchange. A breakthrough has been made that DWG Viewer could be something more than just a Viewer. For further information, please visit http://view.cadwonder.net or Contact sales@cadwonder.net.

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