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SPCAD for GstarCAD 2025 is available

Date: 2024-07-11 78 Tag:

We're thrilled to announce that the latest version of GstarCAD 2025 works on SPCAD, a powerful CAD plugin that makes your CAD workflows quick, efficient, and convenient.  

Elevate your CAD experience with SPCAD

SPCAD is an add-on for GstarCAD designed to enhance the general workflows of CAD professionals. Users of SPCAD for GstarCAD will gain a tremendous amount of advantages by accessing more than 100 industry-specific tools in SPCAD and the latest technology from GstarCAD.  

Key Features of SPCAD for GstarCAD 2025

Coordinate Systems

SPCAD handles spatial data in different projection coordinate systems within GstarCAD environment. Rich database for custom transformations of drawings within the CAD environment. 

Bing Maps

The Bing Maps tool, meticulously integrated into the SPCAD for GstarCAD application, allows direct access to high-resolution Bing satellite images within the GstarCAD environment. With this feature, you can seamlessly incorporate real-world context into projects, enhancing the visualization and accuracy of your designs.


The QR Code feature allows users to insert location-based QR codes in drawing and scanning with camera can instantly navigates to Google Maps. 

Other features you can’t miss

There are other features of SPCAD for GstarCAD that will elevate your CAD experience. Notably, SPCAD is available in both English and Spanish languages, catering to a diverse user base and ensuring accessibility for professionals with different linguistic preferences. 

From assigning coordinates system to your drawing to importing/exporting geospatial files, to performing topographic analysis and creating maps and cadaster plans, you can now run spatial analysis without switching to a different software. Specifically designed for geospatial analysis, SPCAD ensures GstarCAD users experience enhanced efficiency and convenience in their workflows. 


Download and try

SPCAD for GstarCAD 2025 is available in English and Spanish, please feel free to download the software and experience enhanced features and tools to streamline your design and work.


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