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Houseplan 1.0 has been officially released

Date: 2023-12-26 1795 Tag:

We are very excited to announce that Houseplan 1.0 has been released with new features and significant enhancements. 

What can Houseplan do?

As an intuitive 3D modeling and real-time rendering application, now Houseplan has more to offer. With a wide range of powerful modeling and rendering tools, Houseplan 1.0 allows architects, urban planners, amateurs, and other professionals to present their building ideas more easily and efficiently. 

Houseplan is lightweight and compatible with other major 3D formats. The high-performance rendering engine, animation features, and texture resources within Houseplan can take your design to the next level. 


What’s new in Houseplan 1.0

Get immersive VR experiences in Houseplan

The VR (Virtual Reality) tool has been introduced to Houseplan 1.0 so that users can turn any of their models into an immersive virtual reality experience when combined with VR/AR (Augmented Reality) devices such as a VR headset. 

One second youre clicking the VR tool button, and the next second youre surrounded by everything you created in Houseplan such as the houses, the roads, and the trees.

The virtual reality capabilities within Houseplan enable you to immerse yourself in 3D models and data and see them from different angles in real time. 

Enhancements you can’t miss in Houseplan


Enhanced Format Compatibility

Entity libraries in Houseplan 1.0 provide support for local rvt, skp, osgb, osg, obj, 3ds, fbx, and cpi data. Users have the option to import files one by one by selecting them respectively or import files in bulk by selecting the entire file folder. 

Enhanced Customization

Houseplan 1.0 has given users more options to customize the Material Library. Users can modify and personalize the systems default materials and then save them as new materials. Import and export of materials in the library have also been improved to boost efficiency. 

Export models to video faster than ever

Houseplan 1.0 has increased stability and better performance, and you can export models and data to video to share your results with others faster. 

Explore more and try it for free

Houseplan 1.0 is available, discover how it can help you make better 3D modeling and rendering faster with a free 30-day trial

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