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GstarCAD 2023 is officially released

Date: 2022-09-29 7824 Tag:

Were glad to announce that the GstarCAD 2023 official version has been released. GstarCAD 2023 has new features, significant enhancements, greater compatibility, better performance, and better user experience.


Enhanced functions to boost your work efficiency 

Enhanced Performance

GstarCAD 2023 supports multi-core technology and parallel processing that has significantly optimized software performance. Drawings are opened in less time and running the software is smoother than before.

Greater Compatibility

GstarCAD 2023 GRX is compatible with ACAD Object APIs, and programs can be successfully compiled, loaded, and used without touching the code, saving you time in migrating applications developed with ACAD ObjectARX.

Improved Block Editor

GstarCAD 2023 enhances Block Editor with BAUTHORPALETTE and BTABLE commands. Both commands are available only in the Block Editor.

BAUTHORPALETTE command opens Block Authoring Palettes window and users can add parameters and actions to your dynamic block definition. 

With the BTABLE command, users can define and control parameter properties within a dynamic block definition using the Block Properties Table.

New features that you can’t miss 


* Navigation Tool

The NaviCube is a navigation tool that is clickable and draggable in 2D model space or 3D. Users can easily switch between standard and isometric views and switch to one of the preset views by clicking or dragging the NaviCube, rolling the current view, or changing to the Home view of the model.

* Reset Settings to Default

The Reset Settings to Default feature helps users reset GstarCAD settings to default faster and more easily. Users can choose to back up or reset custom settings.

* Merge Layouts

The LAYOUTMERGE command merges specific layouts into a single layout. Layouts and models can be selected, and users can specify an existing layout or enter a new name to create a new layout as the destination layout.

* Password-protect your drawings

Users can password-protect selected objects with the LOCKUP command to prevent them from being modified or deleted and use the UNLOCK command to unlock.


* Online Help center is available

The online Help page is supported in GstarCAD 2023, it offers regularly updated information and a better search experience. 

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