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e-CAD Steel now supports GstarCAD 2023

Date: 2023-02-06 2362 Tag:

e-CAD Steel, a multi-platform and multi-language add-on for popular CAD products, now supports the latest version of GstarCAD 2023.


What e-CAD Steel does

The e-CAD Steel add-on provides flexible drawings of many types of standard steel elements in the following view options: 2D cross-sectional profiles, 2D views (top, bottom, left, or right), and fully three-dimensional models. Based on automatically inserted descriptions, different summaries (lists) can be generated for engineering drawing tables and CSV®-format text files.

Why you should try e-CAD Steel on GstarCAD 2023

Users can run e-CAD Steel on all versions of GstarCAD and the new features and improvements in GstarCAD 2023 help users to make the most out of e-CAD Steel to deal with steel structures and engineering projects and have automatic trimming of steel elements and much more.

For more info about e-CAD Steel and download, please visit:


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