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GstarCAD Mechanical 2020 officially released

Date: 2020-04-09 3870 Tag:

GstarCAD Mechanical 2020, the world’s only CAD software that’s compatible with ACM, has just been released. This new release is packed with many new features and improvements that greatly improve the productivity of all areas including manufacturing, design, software re-engineering, etc.


Why choose GstarCAD Mechanical 2020?


1. Upgraded BOM functionality.

GstarCAD Mechanical 2020 supports import & export of BOM and parts list in file formats of excel, txt, csv, html, etc.


2. Upgraded API.

GstarCAD Mechanical 2020 has greatly upgraded its API for Pro version with 22 BOM-related interfaces being added, which are mainly used to easily traverse, read, write, import and export data.


3. All functions from GstarCAD 2020

GstarCAD Mechanical 2020 has all the functions of GstarCAD 2020 including the user-friendly User Interface.


4. Compatibility with ACM

The bidirectional data exchange has greatly improved the compatibility with ACM, allowing users to modify data created by ACM and send them back to ACM.


5. Compatible with CADprofi library

GstarCAD Mechanical 2020 covers all fields of mechanical designing and engineering. It supports the latest parts library from different countries and region standards including CADProfi library.


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