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Wms2Cad is a software to quickly georeferencingly display maps from WMS services on CAD drawings basing on coordinates in a known system. It allows additional information to be obtained from the services, like ordinates from a digital terrain model. Wms2Cad has a huge base of predefined WMS, TMS and WMTS services.

Displays raster images from WMS services in a CAD drawing in an extraordinarily easy manner;

Supports WMS, TMS and WMTS services;

Allows for connection with any WMS service if its owner shares publicly the service’s network address;

Displays a single raster tile or a group of tiles (by a single click at a chosen place or by marking a selected area);

Many predefined connections to various map services, including Open Street Map.

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CP-Symbols Mechanical
  • Language
  • Polish, English, Italian, German
  • Required
  • Windows7/8/10/11
  • Size
  • 4.00kb
  • Released
  • 2023-03-12
CP-Symbols Mechanical

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