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The Topocad2000 is a complement of CAD necessaries for use in topography.

This system was developed to be used in the CAD environment offering facilities for topographic drawings:

-IMPORT OF POINTS-topographic points can be calculated and/or imported from a dialog in AutoCAD itself or from Total Station (LEICA, TOPCON, PENTAX...) or GPS. LEVEL CURVES-from the imported or manually inserted points, you can create level curves quickly and easily by simply triggering a menu button.

-PROFILE, GREIDE and DRAINAGE-performs the grid design with horizontal and vertical scales of the profile, Greide and the main and secondary drainages for roads, rivers, railways, etc.

-CROSS SECTIONS, AREA and VOLUME CALCULATIONS-Performs the sections design Transversal with automatic calculation of areas and volume.

-DESCRIPTIVE MEMORIAL-Performs the descriptive Memorial, analytical calculus and stamp inserts, all according to INCRA according to law 10267 3 ª. Editing/General pattern-PROBING-Performs the report for percussion polls.

-Calculation of optimized areas and dimensionings with table generation.

-Export to Shape-layers and KML files for CAR.

-Exporting KML files.

-Importing KML/GPX/SHP files.

-Importing images from Google Earth "online".

-TALUDE-Performs the Slope drawing with the indication of a line.

-BARRANCO-Performs the design of ravine with the indication of a line and distances.

-GRID-Performs georeferated coordinate grid design.

-Symbology of topography for manual insertion.

-Change of scale for symbology and texts.

-Definition of work unit (m, mm and cm).

-Definition of working scale.

-Insertion of formats and stamping adjusted the unit and scale.

-Standardized filling of stamping.

-Standardized text heights.

-Easy access non-continuous lines and automatic adjustment for drawing scale.

-Stylised and automatically adjusted sizing.

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CP-Symbols Mechanical
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  • Portugues
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  • Windows 7/8/10
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  • Released
  • 2019-08-26
CP-Symbols Mechanical