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SDBOX is an additional software (Add-on) for GstarCAD and provides a great number of tools that help the processing and management of the design and drafting workflows of projects. SDBOX supports GstarCAD from version 2021.

SDBOX is an application running on GstarCAD offering a range of easy-to-use tools for Survey mapping and AEC. It includes all the tools needed for complete studies such as drawing templates, documentation tools, area and volume reports, setting-out, measurements and quotations, etc. This software is suitable for all kind of engineering development projects and includes detailed guides, step-by-step videos and instructions.

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The list of tools provided by SDBOX by category is as follows:


Includes all the tools needed for composing simple and complex Topographic-Survey Plans.

✔ Selection of plot scale for design

✔ Import and manage points from file

✔ Design of existing layout

✔ Hatch (for buildings, terrain, areas etc)

✔ Topographic symbols

✔ Indications and notes

✔ Altitudes management

✔ Grid system

✔ Import and adjust images

✔ State Plan lines and boundaries

✔ Property boundary data

✔Area documentation (vertices-sides-area-table)

✔ Title-blocs, Statements and Certifications

✔ Memos

✔ Quotes

✔ Coordinates tables

Topographic-Survey Plan Guide:


Tools and guides to aid in the design of floor plans.

✔ Selection of plot scale for design

✔ Layer organization for different levels

✔ Import predefined layer filters and lman

✔ Drawing section lines and projections (20 options)

✔ Stairs by automatic offset

✔ Staircase arrows

✔ Architectural symbols

✔ Frames and labels for doors and windows

✔ Labels for columns, bearing walls and beams

✔ Compass and arrow symbols

✔ Annotations for materials and spaces

✔ Design notes

✔ Section marks

✔ Level and Height marks

✔ Hatch

✔ Dimensioning

✔ Legend for lines, symbols and hatches used

✔ Title-blocks and custom headings

Floor Plan Guide:


Tools and guides to aid in the design of Sections and Elevations in accordance to designed Floor Plan.

✔ Selection of plot scale for design

✔ Layer organization

✔ Insert, rotate and place Floor Plan

✔ Drawing section lines and projections

✔ Tools for transferring data from Floor Plan to Section

✔ Automatic stair in side view

✔ Tools to copy elements from Xrefs

✔ Automatic design of doors and windows in Elevation view

✔ Indications and notes

✔ Automatic Level Marks

✔ Dimensioning

✔ Architectural symbols

✔ Hatch

✔ Title-blocks and custom headings

Section Plan guide:

Elevation Plan guide:


Calculation and automatic design and edit of a digital terrain model.

✔ TRIANGLES: Drawing triangles (3Dfaces) of open and closed areas with tools for editing and control (break-lines, shading, permutation, analysis, etc.)

✔ CONTOURS: Design preview, curvature editing, automatic elevation display etc.

✔ CROSS-SECTIONS: Single or multiple ground cross-sections with table of elevations and distances from origin and/or axis

✔ LONGDITUDINAL PROFILE: Automatic by polyline selection

✔ VOLUME: Automatic calculation of volumes of excavations and embankments by selecting triangles before and after, automatic creation of surface or solid from triangles, etc.


Tools for changing numbers in Texts and Blocks, for math operations with numbers and/or objects, for calculations/operations with lengths and surfaces of objects, etc.

✔ Operations on Block-numbers

✔ Operations on Text-numbers

✔ Operations on dimensions

✔ Surface by internal point

✔ Distribution

✔ Data issue for polyline areas

✔ Surface documentation

✔ Operations with numbers in Texts

✔ Operations with lengths of objects

✔ Operations with surfaces of objects

✔ Number deviation

✔ Calculation of slopes

✔ Listing numbers by choice


Design, calculations, processing, export and management of lines (line, polyline, spline, arc etc.)

✔ Drawing with a choice of more than 300 line types

✔ Draw in predefined Y or X

✔ Calculate optimal straight line

✔ Average polyline

✔ Rectangle in any direction

✔ Rectangle with one point for each side

✔ Perpendicular to any point on an object

✔ Extend to any point

✔ Cut at any point

✔ Change overall length

✔ Increase in length

✔ Break at any point

✔ Erasing zero lines (or erase by length)

✔ Measure many objects at once

✔ Join to polyline (selection with filters)

✔ Spline to Polyline

✔ Change design direction

✔ Add/remove point on polyline

✔ Polyline to Arcs/Lines/Spline

✔ Line legend

BLOCKS (Symbols)

Import-Export-Manage-Edit of Blocks:

✔ Fixed dimension symbols

✔ Symbols on plot scale

✔ Automatic numbering

✔ Symbols in a circle

✔ Symbols in a box

✔ Edit attributes

✔ Match blocks

✔ Count symbols

✔ Tables of symbols

✔ Export symbols to file

✔ Xref management

✔ Legend of symbols


Manage and Edit Layers:

✔ Export Layer list

✔ Isolate Layers by filters

✔ Gray except selected

✔ On-Off Layer

✔ Copy and/or transfer to Layer

✔ Transfer to layer but keep color and linetype

✔ Auto rename by data file

✔ Automatically add prefix or suffix

✔ Import filters from custom file

✔ Change Color and/or Lweigth on the drawing screen

✔ Import Layer list from file

✔ Legend of Layers


The patterns are automatically inserted in a size proportional to the Plot scale. The sizes and colors offer sharp and quality prints with the Plot styles of SDBOX. Solid hatches are automatically set to be drawn behind other objects.


✔ 17 hatches of distinct delineation

✔ 15 hatches of dashed or dotted lines

✔ 12 solid hatches with color

✔ 05 ground hatches

✔ 02 hatches for hollow surfaces

✔ 29 patterns

✔ 05 wood hatches

✔ 24 stone tiles

✔ 14 roof tiles

✔ 03 hatch for glass

✔ 24 wall hatches

✔ 05 hatch of structural elements in section

✔ 14 parquet hatches

✔ 09 hatch for forest areas


Modify multiple objects at once, bulk replacements and adjustments, etc.

✔ Adjustment with average values

✔ Convert to actual dimensions

✔ Customize with side dimensions

✔ Different print scales

✔ Block replacement

✔ Select/view items

✔ Change objects selected by filters

✔ Change LtScale with factor

✔ Change LtWeight with coefficient

✔ Change Hatch scale with coefficient

✔ Copy-move-erase selected by filters

✔ Move only by X or Y

✔ Erase by length

✔ Scale-Mirror-Rotate multiple objects from each insertion point

✔ Transfer to Z=0


SDBOX's Title-blocks and Memos, Statements, Certificates and Notes are inserted into the drawing auto-sized according to the print scale. Title-blocks include all paper sizes (A4-A0).

✔ Insert titles, signs, statements, notes, certificates, declarations

✔ Projects database

✔ Short Brand logo

✔ Line legend

✔ Legend of symbols

✔ Hatch legend

✔ Legend of texts

✔ Frames (openings) legend based on their type


Photo symbol input (position, direction and number)

✔ Import photos (images) in automatic size and with automatic header

✔ Manage project photos (open, copy, etc.)

✔ Compilation of photo issue


Tools for importing, adjusting and managing images are included

✔ Auto-redirect multiple images

✔ Import auto-named images

✔ Import georeferenced images

✔ Image adjustment by one dimension

✔ Adjust image by many side dimensions

✔ Image adjustment with average values from common point pairs

✔ Transfer objects between images

✔ Create image snippet

✔ Automatic display image names in the drawing

✔ Bulk removal of images (detach)

✔ Bulk unload and reload

✔ Image reoccurrence isolation

✔ Copy images to folder


Add dimensions (GstarCAD type and Text type) automatically sized for Plot scale and many management and editing tools.

The layers of the dimensions are automatically defined in suitable colors so that they are clearly printed as auxiliary elements of the design with the Plot styles of the SDBOX.

GstarCAD style dimensions (external-internal):

✔ Witnessing (circle-arrow)

✔ Between two objects

✔ Intersections of an imaginary line

✔ 3 points angle

✔ Selected corner

✔ 2 point azimuth

✔ Diameter of selected

✔ Radius of selected

✔ Featured centers

✔ Arc length

Dimensions of type "Text":

✔ Dimensioning based on layers

✔ Dimensioning selected

✔ Dimensioning with points

✔ Length calculation on screen

  • Language
  • English, Greek
  • Required
  • Windows
  • Size
  • 94.98M
  • Released
  • 2023-05-08
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