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ProfLT is a program that offers tools to create and draw longitudinal and cross profiles. Runs under GstarCAD 2024.

The facilities offered by this program:

• Generating profiles using 2D polylines with points, 3D polylines or the 3D model;

• Automatic generation of longitudinal and cross profiles using the point codes;

• Automatic joining of lateral points from the longitudinal profiles axis;

• Aligning the profiles in page;

• The exporting of profiles in specific Micropiste or SdrMap files;

• The program options cover a wide variety of situations referring to the profile generating and drawing mode, the profile rows can be arranged according to the job specification, the format for the sheets with the longitudinal and cross profiles can be chosen, etc.

  • Language
  • English, Romanian
  • Required
  • Windows7/8/10/11
  • Size
  • 12.20M
  • Released
  • 2023-11-17

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