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The software to operate on sets of coordinates. Greatly facilitates drawing and other works in CAD. GeoView gives huge possibilities during browsing, analysing and processing sets of coordinates, with or without using CAD platforms.

Opening files with coordinates: Text / CSV files, Leica GSI, TDS RAW/RW5, GPX, JPG with EXIF daa;

Transmission/export of coordinate to text files, Leica GSI, Sokkia SDR, Geodimetr (Geodat), Google Earth KML, GPX, Garmin PCX5, OZI Explorer WPT, Fugaw;

Displaying a location of points in external map services: Google Maps, Bing Maps and other;

Sending coordinates to a CAD drawing: in a text form (numbers, ordinates), points, circles or symbol;

Supports interaction between a point table and CAD drawing;

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CP-Symbols Mechanical
  • Language
  • Polish, English, German
  • Required
  • Windows7/8/10/11
  • Size
  • 4.00kb
  • Released
  • 2023-03-12
CP-Symbols Mechanical

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