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FisaCAD for GstarCAD 2020 is a comprehensive application for 2D drawings of duct, pipe and plumbing systems for the building or industry. Also allows you to make the diagrams. An interface calculates the loss of load of the ducts based on the flow and section.

FisaCAD includes:

- The ability to draw by pulling the mouse in a natural way as if to draw a line or a polyline.

- A series of dialog boxes making it easier to grasp the dimensions of the pipes and ducts.

- Setting up the dimensions of the pipes and pipes while drawing.

- A series of tools for heating, icy water and plumbing installations.

- A toolbar that brings together all of FisaCAD's functions.

- A completely rebuilt new ribbon menu.

- A toolbar for layer management.

- Automatic nomenclature with CadMatic.

- Adapts to your chart.

- A duct computational utility.

- A very significant productivity gain.

- Available as a network-shareable license.

- New function for drawing soft duct.

- Automatic nomenclature extracted with a single click under Excel with Cadmatic.

- Direct loading from Cadmatic FisaCAD.

- FisaCAD also works on GstarCAD ENG.

- Automatic scaling in mm, cm, and m.

- New easy-to-use setting system that can be saved by business.

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CP-Symbols Mechanical
  • Language
  • French
  • Required
  • Windows 7/8/10
  • Size
  • 13.00M
  • Released
  • 2020-06-12
CP-Symbols Mechanical

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