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Auto_C.A. is a program for the drawing of reinforced concrete structures with GstarCAD, built with the technical contribution of the construction protagonists. The philosophy of the program is to keep unchanged anything compared to the designers’ wee-established habits: Auto_C.A. does not propose a rigid scheme, but it is presented as a series of simple and powerful tools to drawing quality projects, reducing the production time enormously.

Auto_C.A.uses GstarCAD objects and commands in a totally dynamic way (ex. It is more than enough to edit a bar text as you normally do with GstarCAD and everything changes in real time!) Who is able to use GstarCAD knows already how to use Auto_C.A. The masks of the program have been built with the self-training principle: they themselves can intuitively serve as guide and manual.

Auto_C.A. uses only GstarCAD primitive objects (polylines and texts) making them "smart". On Auto_C.A. objects is possible to apply all the GstarCAD commands: who is already able to use GstarCAD knows already how to use Auto_C.A.

Auto_C.A. automatically manages all the problems related to the plotting scale (text, dimensions, fills) and for what concerns the modification in real time, it provides to create details at various scales without worrying about anything!

Innovation ... without changing anything

All objects created by Auto_C.A. are AutoCad texts and polylines, made "smart". All Autocad commands are applicables. Just editing a text and all items are updated in real time. Similarly, when you stretch an edge everything is automatically updated. The drawing remains an AutoCad drawing readable and printable even without Auto_C.A.


All Auto_C.A. functions are simple and immediate, according to the philosophy that when these systems are too complex end up to "constrain" the designer, so "it's quicker to do it manually ...".


We consider the interface the tools most important point: keeping a maximum attention to the logical sequence, the colors that guide the fields meaning, the drawings and notes, all within the masks, which are largely self-explanatory with real previews capable to make Auto_C.A. an intuitive program.


All settings can be saved in an XML file that can be passed on to a "vendor" that will draw immediately with the same standards. Auto_C.A. is a program "open" outwards, it is able to communicate through the XML format, with any calculation program, to obtain executive schemes printable immediately.


No rigid schemes, no "constraints" for the designer. Auto_C.A. does not impose anything, it can be used at any level. If you want to, you can use only the features you need and in the way you prefer to.

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CP-Symbols Mechanical
  • Language
  • English, Italian, German, Czech, Hungarian, Spanish, French
  • Required
  • Windows7/8/10
  • Size
  • 225.00M
  • Released
  • 2020-08-11
CP-Symbols Mechanical
CP-Symbols Mechanical
CP-Symbols Mechanical
CP-Symbols Mechanical

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