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Why choose GstarCAD
Extremely high AutoCAD compatibility

Independent Property Rights

GstarCAD is based on independent intellectual property rights and developed as a product fully compatible with ACAD.

  • WIPO Award for Protection of Intellectual Property
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  • Qualified for CMMI L3
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The high level of compatibility has been proven by the delivery results !!

Companies that have choosed GstarCAD vary in industry type and size. GstarCAD can be used in all situations and is well received by all customers.

  • User quantity
  • Number of companies

Key facts about GstarCAD user

  • Location

    Today, there are over 800,000 users of GstarCAD products in more than 100 countries around the world.
  • Company Size

    From small companies such as private offices to leading company in the sector, GstarCAD are highly received by all the companies.
  • Sectors

    GstarCAD customers are in a wide range of industries, including construction, machinery, electric systems, infrastructure, as well as government agencies.


We develop extremely high ACAD compatible solution, so you can use it very smoothly after switching. You will be impressed by the high level of compatibility when you compare features.

Perpetual license
Run smoothly on a low performance laptop
API support
Collaboration design tools
Express Tools
Drawing/Graphic compare
Why choose GstarCAD
High speed and comfortable operation

Far ahead in performance!

The leading drawing processing technology makes GstarCAD easy to operate. The higher performance and faster speed can bring you better working efficiency.

  • I really surprised with the startup speed
  • PAN & ZOOM is faster!
  • Smoothly when switch between model space and layout space

Easy to operate

GstarCAD has a compatible user interface with AutoCAD. You can find same command in the same place. 0 learning and training cost for AutoCAD users.

  • Similar to AutoCAD operation, no need to change the habit.
  • Less time spent on training when switching.
Why choose GstarCAD
Reasonable Price

Significant cost savings through switch to GstarCAD!

One of the major benefits of switching to GstarCAD is its cost performance. With the reasonable price and the flexible license policy, GstarCAD can definitely help you save your money.

  • Ivan Petrovic

    IT Manager| Palisander Sp. z o.o.

    "GstarCAD is a reliable tool that facilitates the work of our designers. The basic advantages are: free transition between the GstarCAD program and AutoCAD, the speed of the program and free technical support. I recommend it with full conviction. "
  • Tomasz Pasek

    Chairman of the Board| Group TK

    "GstarCAD is used by our employees and have not report any allegations.The program is intuitive, easy to use, and at the same time allows the creation of advanced projects.The purchase was a good decision, we use it create value everyday and can't leave it now.Thus, I recommend the GstarCAD program. "
  • Daniel R

    Architect | Progetti Architecture

    "Designing is our work, but also passion, we use a lot of different programs for it, so we have a comparison. GstarCAD works very well, supports many formats, which allows compatibility with other programs. It is a good program at a good price. "
  • Standard
    New release sale! Up to 20% off until Oct. 31.
    Alternative to AutoCAD LT
    100% native DWG/DXF support from R12 to 2021
    Familiar user interface and commands
  • Professional
    New release sale! Up to 20% off until Oct. 31.
    Alternative to AutoCAD full version
    Powerful, time-saving practical tools
    Advanced Block editor and 3D commands
  • Mechanical
    GstarCAD 2021 Pro + mechanical application tools
    Full data compatibility with AutoCAD Mechanical
    Standardized drawing environment(ISO/DIN/JIS/etc)
    Automatic and professional functions
  • Architecture
    GstarCAD 2021Pro + architectural plan drawing tools
    Parametric design of building components
    Synchronous 3D building model from 2D drawings
    Intelligent architectural plan drawing functions
※Price included tax
※30-day money back guarantee
※Perpetual: Perpetual right to use license
※Yearly Subscription: One year right to use license
※Upgrade: Upgrade previous GstarCAD Perpetual license to the latest version

We offer Stand-alone and Network licenses, you can choose the most suitable one for your business.

  • Stand-alone license
    The software is constrained to a certain host. A license is needed for each computer on which the software will be installed.
  • Network license
    A pool of licenses is available on the server, for use in any computer on the network. You only need to have licenses for the maximum number of simultaneous users expected, not for each computer where the software will be installed.
  • Q Does GstarCAD products support perpetual license?
  • A Yes, we support perpetual license for all the GstarCAD products. When you choose to buy GstarCAD Perpetual License, you have the right to use it perpetually, you are not forced to buy the subscription nor upgrades.
  • Q How long can I get the license after I made an order on your Eshop?
  • A Commonly, the license will send to your email in one hour after you complete the payment process. Our Eshop background will handle this automatically. If there is any problem during this process, our specialist will help you solve it in one business day.
  • Q If I need a quotation, what should I do?
  • A If you have a complex purchase plan or are considering deploying a large number of licenses, please contact directly. Our professional sales team with help you there.
  • Q What's the difference between the Trial version and the commercial version?
  • A Durning the trial time (30 days), the trial version is exactly the same as the commercial version, and there is no difference in usable commands and functions. After 30 days, commands for data export (save, copy, etc.) will not be available. It can be continuously used as a command testing tool and viewer. The data created by the trial version can be used in any DWG based CAD software.
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