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Analysis of Position Adjustment Function of GstarCAD2012 Extended Version

Date: 2013-01-29


The position adjustment of CAD objects is a detailed requirement to CAD designers. It just belongs to the users’ experience. When demands happen to users, they will unconsciously deal it by the way they used to, maybe the way is the most awkward. However, smart CAD software will not only meet the requirements of users, at the same time, reform the details of users’ habits to improve their experience.

Gstarsoft saw the potential demands of position adjustment for designers, so, lots of powerful functions of position adjustment are provided by the new GstarCAD2012 Extended Version. Such as: Aligntool, Arrangetool and Layoutbypath. Compares with traditional functions, the new version is improved as below:

1. More Intelligent

One of the most important ideas is improving the intelligence degree of GstarCAD2012 Extended Version. GstarCAD2012 Extended can understand designers and decrease their repetitive work. For example, designers can align multiple objects according to left, right, top, bottom or centering. When designers come across the similar demands, they only need to set it up in the dialog box.

2. More Humanized

The humanization is embodied in function settings: by the experience of CAD software development, Gstarsoft collected lots of feedbacks from designers. Developers found that many designers require entities quick alignment and layout by path. Therefore, GstarCAD conducts targeted development that realizes these functions, which make complicated work easier.

3. More Flexible

Different designers and different tasks have different designing requirements, Gstarsoft considers a lot about these different requirements. Users will find that the tool has 3 alignments according to X or Y axis to realize 9 aligns plans when they want to align entities in GstarCAD2012 Extended Version quickly. There are many simple specification modes; and users can easily specify the location of multiple entities.

According to the reform by intelligence and humanization, the alignment function of GstarCAD2012 Extended will become more powerful. Many users are impressed after the experience of these new functions. Moreover, Gstarsoft is willing to create more powerful CAD software and full of confidence to the new software market in the future.

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