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Express Tools of GstarCAD2012 EX – LayoutByPath

Date: 2013-01-20

As the release of GstarCAD2012 EX, its new features of express tools are most concerned by users; let’s do a brief introduction for these brilliant express tools:

Unlike common array function, LayoutByPath distributes object copies along a path (curve) with a variety of array options. Users can choose random, division and measure options and array in different directions along the path.


Benefits of LayoutByPath

-Easy way to distribute object copies along a path.

-Efficient distribution options such as: random, division and measure.


You can access to AreaSum from:


MenuExpress tools > Edit > Layoutbypath  Command EntryLayoutbypath  RibbonExpress tools > Edit > Layoutbypath


For example on mapping drawing, we can apply this tool to array the discontinuous central axis of the road or highway as shown below


As it is showed, designers can adjust the angle and length of the object at will and distribute them along the path by the options of random, division and measure; it’s very easy to distribute object copies along a path and efficient for highway designing. For more detailed information please go to:



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