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Express Tools of GstarCAD2012 Extended Version – Areasum

Date: 2013-01-11

As the release of GstarCAD2012 EX, its new features of express tools are most concerned by users; let’s do a brief introduction for these brilliant express tools:

Compared with Area command, AreaSum is more flexible and powerful. When using traditional area command, users usually need to redraw the boundary of the region, or convert the boundary into a single object, and then get the area of the closed region.

When boundary is not a single object, AreaSum can automatically search the boundary of complex graphic. After selecting multi close regions, the command line will add the current region value and area sum sequence faster immediately.


You can access to AreaSum from:

Menu: Express tools > Edit > Areasum      Command Entry: Areasum      Ribbon: Express tools > Edit > Areasum

After started the command, you have to pick points in closed regions to be added according to your need even if a complex shape (especially lines or arcs). For example, pick up the hatching regions of each object as follow:


What you need to do is just one click in the hatched regions; the command line will show up the accurate region value sequence and area sum in (mm2) right away. It’s faster and easier than any other CAD software on the market.


For more detailed information please go to:

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