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Suzhou Gstarsoft Co., Ltd is the recognized leading provider of 2D/3D CAD software and solutions for the industries involving AEC, mechanical, manufacturing, electrical, GIS, survey and mapping, civil, etc. With 20 years of proud history of technology innovation and practical application, GstarCAD software is dedicated to providing the fast, powerful and .dwg-compatible CAD software for our customers and partners worldwide.

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Leadership in the market 
Founded in 1992, Suzhou Gstarsoft Co., Ltd is an industry leader in the CAD software market. Since its inception, GstarCAD software has experienced an impressive growth rate of over 300 percent per year overseas and 60 percent at home. According to the latest official statistics, the market share rate of GstarCAD platform and extended application software is in the first place of the domestic market. GstarCAD has also acquired extensive achievements in USA, Japan, Germany, France, Brazil, India and many other countries. GstarCAD's customer base cuts across both industry and terrain lines, more than 200,000 architects, engineers and designers alike from more than 100 countries and fields are harnessing GstarCAD to gain vital insights to help enhance efficiency.

Powerful Technology Base
Other than the China Silicon Valley, we have our research and development facilities in Suzhou. We also have relationships with many application development and platform partners worldwide, including CAD software developers and distributors. We always put strong emphasis on developing innovative technology that adds value to our products, with a R&D team of over 200 IT professionals with specialties covering a wide range of disciplines within the field of computer aided design.

GstarCAD's platform design software, GstarCAD, offers exceptional capabilities with user-friendly solutions and customized applications to meet diversified needs in design, with 13 language versions, including English, Japanese, Russian, Korean, German, French, Spanish, Hebrew and others.

Strategic Marketing System
Suzhou Gstarsoft Co., Ltd has a marketing center in Beijing and 5 branch sales and after-sales support offices located in Shanghai, Guangzhou, Suzhou, Wuhan and other cities covering the whole China. Furthermore, over 80 foreign CAD software developers and distributors follow a systematic marketing mode, channel partner program, for the overseas market, together with both onsite and remote CAD training mechanism for the lifecycle service. This sales system is acting as a catalyst for sales partners, motivating them to generate more sales and tapping more customers.

Committed to our clients' success, GstarCAD software has always been a reliable source in assisting clients. We understand that our clients entrust us with very sensitive and confidential information on a regular basis; integrity, confidentiality and reliability have undoubtedly been our top priority. We are confident that our renowned reputation and expertise are instrumental in assisting our diversified industrial clients to achieve their desirable growth.

On our continent, GstarCAD is synonymous with credibility, innovation and performance! 

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