GstarCAD 2017

Design, share and visualize your CAD drawing is better with GstarCAD 2017. Best-ever core performance, best-ever features and best-ever innovations are what this CAD platform offers.

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GstarCAD 2017 Platform

GstarCAD Key Features

Most Compatible

GstarCAD is compatible with most CAD formats, commands, code-level API, and user interface.

Full Customizable

GstarCAD is UI fully customizable that tailors your specific visual needs.

2D/3D CAD Platform

GstarCAD offers familiar 2D/3D environments for designers and application developers.


GstarCAD allows transplant your own solutions effortlessly without restrictions.


GstarCAD comes with productive tools for drafting, modeling, editing, dimensioning and annotation.


GstarCAD continuously innovative functionalities to enhance user design experience.

Much Faster

GstarCAD achieves top level memory optimization allowing you work much faster.


GstarCAD provides cloud service and mobile solution to streamline workflow across your project team.

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What’s New in GstarCAD 2017?

Learn about new, enhanced and innovative features added in this release and take advantage of them.

What’s New in GstarCAD 2017?

Learn about new, enhanced and innovative features added in this release and take advantage of them.


Get a better drawing documentation with the new table feature. You can create, export or edit a table conveniently.

Get a better drawing visualization with the new transparency feature. Apply transparency to gradient, hatch, or layer objects as never before.

With flatshot command you can create a 2D representation of all 3D objects based on current or different views.

Now you can make a symmetrical drawing by making the first half representation and the other one is displayed as you draw.

Comparing similar drawings geometry to see the details accurately, and insert it onto current workspace is possible with Graphic compare tool.

Now you can shape intersected objects in few steps. The outline innovative tool extracts all intersected objects as a polyline shape once per all.

Now you can trim, or break intersected objects with gap distance in four different methods with break object innovative tool.

Block Break innovative tool is able to wipeout or break an object that is overlapped by a reference block.

Now you can edit an xref within the current drawing. The objects that you select are temporarily extracted and made available for editing in the current drawing.

Improve your drawing with enhanced features. Now wipeout command supports circle and complex polyline options to be used as a wipeout object.

With the enhanced mirror command you can select a mirror line option as axis reference, so you can get a set of mirrored objects quickly.

A new visual enhancement for two object snap options are available on status bar when you select Distance from Endpoint and Divide Segments options.


New Dynamic Input

New Dynamic Input

The new dynamic input displays all options of a command and could select them in different methods. Users no longer need the command line either floated or docked, gaining more workspace to get wider viewing of the drawing.


DGN File Format

DGN File Format

Full DGN files and related commands such as DGNIMPORT, DGNATTACH, DGNADJUST, DGNMAPING, etc. are supported. Now you can import and attach as underlay a Microstation native format.


Multifunctional Grip

Multifunctional Grip

Polyline objects support multifunctional options. The available functions (Stretch, Add Vertex, and Convert to Arc) can be seen by hovering over a grip.


Object Snap Options

Object Snap Options

‘Distance from Endpoint’ and ‘Divide Segments’ options are added in Object Snap tab in Drafting Settings, the ability to snap points at certain distance more accurate has been improved, so you don’t need to waste time on useless object length calculation.


Invert Fillet

Invert Fillet

Invert Fillet has a very wide range of usage particularly in construction and furniture industry. The FILLET command now offers a new option called Invert. You can create a reverse fillet by this option.


Layout Space Switching

Layout Space Switching

GstarCAD 2016 focuses on layout space switching optimization, which reduces time considerably. Especially when switching layouts over twice is even much faster than before.


Objects Visualization

Objects Visualization

GstarCAD 2016 enhances object’s visualization and the ability to snap points over these objects more accurate than previous version. Now when performing zoom in or zoom out, over circle(s) or arc(s), you can get a better object visualization.

GstarCAD 2017 Innovative Features

GstarCAD 2017 Innovative Features

Block Break
Break Object
Graphic Compare
Symmetric Draw

GstarCAD 2017 Comparison Table

  Pro Std 
32-bit / 64-bit Support
.dwg and .dxf for AutoCAD version 2.5 to 2016
.pat,.shx,.lin and etc
Password Protection
File Recover and Audit
Sheet Set Manager
CAD Standard .dws
Xrefs in-place Editing
DWF Underlay and PDF Underlay
PDF Underlay
DGN File Formate Support
Import to WMF, SAT, 3DS
Plot and Publish to PDF
Publish to DWF 2D & 3D
CUI Menus and Toolbars
CUI Import & Export
Drag and Drop Customization
Visual Menu Customization
Properties Palettes
Design Center / Tool Palettes
Xref Palette
Command Line
Work Spaces Switching
Clean Screen
New Dynamic Input
File Tab
     Selection, Snap & Track
Selection Preview
Quick Select
Select Similar
Xtra Grips for Pline & Hatch Objects
Grid and Snap
Polar & OTrack
Distance from Endpoint and Divide Segments options
Standard Dimensions
Associative Dimension
Quick Dimension
Dimension Break
Multi-language Character Set
In-place Text Editor
Mtext Editor
Support .shx and .ttf font
Rtext / Arc text
Text Incremental Copy
Text on line
Layer Properties Manager
Layer States Manager
Layer Translator
Layer Walk
Layer Previous
Layer Isolate
Layer Unisolate
Layer Lock/Unlock
Layer Unlock
Lock Other Layers
Layer Freeze/Freeze Other
Freeze Other Layer
Thaw All Layers
Layer Off/Off Other
Off Other Layer
Trun All Layers On
Layer Merge
Layer Delete
Layer Match
Gradient Hatches
Custom Patterns
Background and Color for Hatch Patterns
Trim/Extend of/to Hatch Pattern Entities
     Raster images
Raster Image Support (Clipping, Transparency, ...)
Support Kinds of Image Files (bmp\jpg\png\tga\tif\gif\pcx\...) ECW and JPEG 2000 not supported yet ECW and JPEG 2000 not supported yet
     Express Tools
Break Object
Block Break
Graphic Cpmpare
Text Align / Text Match
Change Text
Align Tool / Arrange Tool
Layout by Path
GstarCAD Tools
Plot tools
Drawing Compare
Delete Duplicate Objects (OVERKILL)
Drawing Lock
Statistics Summation
Symmetric Draw
Outline Objects
Invert Fillet
Draw and Modify Commands
Offset Both Option
Real Time Pan & Zoom
Annotative Objects
Object Scales
Redraw and Regeneration
Layout and Paper Space
Layout Viewport settings
Barcode & QR Code
Cloud Storage
Non-rectangular Viewports
Shortcut Customization
Match Properties Across Drawings
Multilines and Multiline Styles
Block Create and Insert
Block Attribute Definition
Digitizer Integration
Scale List
Dynamic Block Create/Insert/View
MEASUREGEOM (Sum area and Total Length)
Dynamic Block Editor (BEDIT) Partially
Table Tools
Pline Boolean
3D Surfaces
ACIS Modeling & Editing
3D Orbit options
Visual Styles
Solid Editing
Solprof / Solview / Soldraw
CTB & STB Plot Style Files
Plot Styles Table Editor
Built-in Print Driver
Import & Editing of Page Setups
Hide and Shade Plot
Batch Print
Arrange frame
ActiveX, Including In-place Editing
Entity Data Editor
LISP Support with vl-, vlr-, vla- and vlax- support
LISP Encryption
Solutions Development System (SDS/ADS)
DCL / DCL engine / COM API
Visual Basic for Applications
VBA VBI Projects Support
.Net Framework
GRX (GstarCAD Runtime eXtension)
CUI Menu Support
Diesel Expressions
MNU and MNS File Support
API for Toolbar and Menu Customization
Stand-alone USB dongle
Network USB dongle
Stand-alone License(Flexnet)
Network License(Flexnet)
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GstarCAD 2017 Training Demos

Learn GstarCAD with the following training videos

GSTARCAD 2017 DEMOS watch them all!
Table 2:22

You can create, export or edit a table conveniently.

Transparency 1:27

You can apply transparency to gradient, hatch, or layer objects.

Flatshot 0:53

You can create a 2D representation of all 3D objects.

Symmetric Draw 3:00

You can make a symmetrical drawing representation faster.

Graphic Compare 2:32

You can comparing similar drawings geometry onto current workspace.

Outline 1:07

You can extracts all intersected objects as a polyline shape.

Break Object 2:15

You can trim objects with gap distance in four different methods.

Block Break 1:35

You can wipeout or break an object that is overlapped by a reference block.

Commands Enhancement 3:28

Refedit, wipeout, mirror and object snap have been enhanced with new options.

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