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GeaCAD is mainly used in the production of drawings of building installations (elektro). It's a turbo for ‘drawing’ and a relief in finding information. It has many special features to verify the installation and to get an overview. GeaCAD will quickly grow with tools for installation diagrams and features to calculate Support GstarCAD2017 and higher versions

Product: GeaCAD |Category: AEC|Size: 0.99G | Required OS: Windows | Language: Dutch/English


GeaCAD Features

  • Key Features

    - Wil you also increase the drawing speed by up to 50% (save hundreds of hours per year)
    - Draw rapidly installation drawings
    - Faster and be accurate, and easy 3D positions. (2BIM).
    - Ideal for building-related electrical installations.
    - Make specific printing for symbols on one or between two heights (Floor or ceiling drawings)
    - Brings overview information, visually highlight all that is connected to one electrical box
    - Use an attribute adaptable tool ddatte 'but then finally all the possibilities together.
    - Painstaking work to place attribute is dissolved in 4 mouse clicks
    - Use advanced additional basic functions
    - You do not have to search through all the menus. Use [search] and it has been found
    - Filter with more options than ever before
    - Find in a second all the information in all .txt files from a project
    - Make yourself easy menus
    - Finally: Find all own symbols or part drawings "somewhere on the system" 
    - Easily import libraries and components
    - And soon available: PIP (Project Information Place)

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Registered Customer

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